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Authorization to Drive a Motor Vehicle Owner (Owner) Name: Address: Home phone: Work phone: Cell phone or pager: Email: Vehicle Make, model, and year of vehicle: Vehicle license plate number: State
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license numbers: Person Driving in Passenger's Seat (Passenger) Name: Address: Home phone: Work phone: Cell phone or pager: Passenger's License #: Additional information: Date of Registration (Date of Birth) Age: Social security number: If you are not licensed to drive, please provide a copy of your photo identification with your Social Security number listed. If you want your license and/or registration to be processed faster, please submit a scanned copy. Please fill out the information on this application in order to process your application.<|endoftext|>It seems that in the latest attempt to destroy the reputation of the NSA, and other parts of the intelligence community, the Obama administration has claimed that one of its NSA hacking tools was actually developed by the Russian government. In fact, the tool is the "Equation Group," described as the "worlds most advanced malicious cyber weapon" by the FBI, which the NSA claims to have found. "We have no way of knowing whether or not the Equation Group is state-sponsored," said National Security Agency spokeswoman Vanee Vines. "But, given the nature of the group and the capabilities they claim to have, it's very possible." When NSA hackers break into computers to spy on people and organizations around the world, they are referred to as "Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)," but when the NSA uses their hacking tools against the communications of foreign national leaders, as it apparently did (pdf, page 4) in 2014, that is "extraordinary collection." The group has been known to use malware to destroy hard drives, for example. "We never want to identify companies or individuals cooperating with United States intelligence community collection activities. However, we also are committed to protecting the security of our networks from a wide variety of malicious attacks and protect the confidentiality of our users' data," NSA spokeswoman Vanee Vines said in a statement. "We do not comment publicly on the methods that organizations may use to secure their networks, but we do all of our work in accordance with strict legal authorities and in accordance with our obligations to protect the nation and its interests," she added. The claim that the NSA was working with Russia to target the U.S. is "preposterous," said John Schindler, a former NSA agent who now runs security firm FireEye. "I've been in the intelligence business for 33 years, and I know this to be a completely false statement," Schindler said in a phone interview
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